31-07-08 - Manny will be Manny in Dodger Blue

Manny will be Manny in Dodger Blue

I was in the middle of writing an entry blasting the Dodgers for not doing anything significant before the Trade Deadline and then, out of nowhere, my cell phone chimed alerting me of a text message. I expected to look down and see an MLB Text Alert saying, "Yup Alyssa, the Dodgers are lame," but low and behold, instead it was an MLB alert that read, "Alyssa, the Dodgers got freaking Manny Ramirez!" Well, that's not really what it said but ... wow.




Now I am getting an email. I'll be right back.


Ummmm. Okay. There were two emails in my inbox. One was an email from a friend/baseball insider that said "Congrats. Might be an interesting dynamic with Torre" and the other was from my Dad and he said, "I can't even imagine Jeff Kent and Manny in the same clubhouse but I'm glad Ethier is safe."


Oh, the drama.




Hold on. Another email.


I'm back. It was my brother. He is very excited about Manny. His email said, "I am very excited about Manny."


Okay. Boston is paying the remainder of Manny's contract. We didn't have to give up Kemp, Loney or Ethier. We now definitely don't have to play Jones (release him).




Oh. Another email. Hold please.


I'm back. It was Kevin Kennedy. His email said, "This is a difference maker. We will win the division." From his mouth, to God's ears. I love Kevin Kennedy. I love him. He is so passionate about the Dodgers.


Holy cow! Ding.


Another email. Jeeze. Sorry. Be right back.


It was Rachael (my brother's sweet girlfriend). The subject said, "OMG". Her email said, "M A N N Y" and that was it.


So, where was I? Oh yeah. Okay. Big bat. Didn't have to give up much to get him.


When I was in Boston last year doing the postseason coverage for TBS, I met Manny in the parking lot. He rolled down his VERY tinted window of his VERY expensive car and said...




DEAR GOD PEOPLE STOP EMAILING ME!!!! I'm writing over here!!! Hold on a sec. So sorry.


Ha! It was a very disgruntled Red Sox fan/friend of mine. Ha! He is so bitter. He said, "Manny is now YOUR headache." Paging Dr. Bitterman. Dr. Bitterman, please pick up the white courtesy phone.


Anyway, Manny rolled down his window and said "Hi Aleeeeesa. How are you?" I told him that it was nice to meet him and he smiled and rolled up his window and that was it. Kind of an anticlimactic story but it was cool to get to meet him.




I leave you now to go reply to all those emails in my inbox regarding our new outfielder. Talk amongst yourselves and let me know what you think.







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