30-10-08 - Until we meet again

Until We Meet Again

Well, at least now we can look back and say that in 2008 we were eliminated by the World Champions. Congratulations to all of you Phillies fans out there. It must feel good.


After the elimination game, there were some fans that stuck around cheering and showing appreciation, for about a half hour straight. It was a cool thing to be a part of. My voice was hoarse for two days. Nomar came out of the dugout, waved, and put his hand over his heart as if to say: "Thank you." It seemed like he was saying goodbye to something. Maybe he was saying goodbye to the stadium, maybe he was saying goodbye to baseball. The moment made me well up.


Mr. McCourt stuck around and the fans started a chant specifically for his behalf.


"Please sign Manny! (clap,clap,clap,clap,clap) Please sign Manny!" we chanted.


I said goodbye to my neighbors in my section, wished them a good offseason, and made the sad walk to the car with my brother (who was inconsolable), David and Rachael.


As I walked through the stadium to get to my parking lot, I saw sleepy children holding their gloves in one hand and their daddy's hand in the other. I realized, a whole new generation of Dodger fans got to experience the NLCS for the first time and that was special. Their fathers were probably kids the last time we had made it that far.


I didn't post a blog entry after that game because quite frankly, I didn't know what to say. I sat down to try and write something, anything, to express what I was feeling. Alas, I couldn't find the words and thought that it would be best just to be quiet for a moment and get some distance.


With that distance, I realized the good so outweighed the bad this season. With all the ups and downs, it felt like every game had its own heartbeat.


Thank you, Dodgers, for a great season.


Spring will be here before you know it and in the interim, we have the rumors and deals of the offseason to keep us occupied. Dodger free agents:

* Casey Blake

* Rafael Furcal

* Nomar Garciaparra

* Jason Johnson

* Derek Lowe

* Jeff Kent

* Greg Maddux

* Joe Biemel

* Chan Ho Park

* Mark Sweeney

* Manny Ramirez

* Pablo Ozuna


If you were Ned Colletti, what would YOU do?


I will try to continue to blog during the offseason when there's something to say. Until then, I will be working on Single With Parents and missing baseball.






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