19-06-08 - IT'S A WRAP!




Thank you for your patience while I was filming the pilot. I had a great experience. Hopefully, the love I have for the rest of the cast will translate into a fun and funny pilot to which ABC will respond positively. We have a working title. It's not the absolute, definite title yet but the working title is: Single With Parents.


Right before we started filming, I took the cast and the producers/writers to a Dodgers game. It worked out perfectly that I had a suite that night (I get four suites a year as part of my ticket package). We had a great time and it was lovely to be able to share my passion of baseball with everyone. I wanted to share this picture of Annie Potts, Beau Bridges and me at the game.


By the way, Beau is quite the Dodgers fan. In fact, when we were shooting, if there was a game going on, I would keep tabs of the score on my iPhone and would ask Beau if he wanted the score. He would plug his ears and say, "DON'T TELL ME!!! SHHH. I am TiVoing it!"


So much has happened in the world of baseball and the Dodgers since my last post that I don't even know where to begin. The firing of Willie Randolph (not sure how I feel about that) and John McLaren; Bud Selig saying that "instant replay" in baseball is inevitable (booooo!); Brad Penny on the DL (I wish you a speedy recovery, Brad); Hiroki Kuroda has tendinitis; the news that Raffi won't be back until after All-Star break; and the extremely sad news that the Baseball Hall Of Fame lost a beloved board member with the passing of the extraordinary Tim Russert. In this picture, he was moderating the President of Red Sox Nation candidate debates last year in Boston. I bet he's watching Jackie, Roberto, Babe, all the greats, up there in heaven's ballpark. Your insight will be missed, Mr. Russert.







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