09-10-08 - bring on the NLSC

Bring on the NLCS!


On the eve of the NLCS, I am sitting here typing away as a nervous wreck. Everyone around me, is predicting a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series. I hold my breath when they speak of it. I knock on wood. I cross every limb. Funny how superstitious one gets when the thing you want so badly is completely and totally out of your hands.


Could you imagine a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series? Torre against his old rivals. Manny against the team still paying his salary and the fans that turned against him. Wow. Emotions will run high.


But first we have to make it past the Phillies. They have a lot of lefties in their lineup. I wonder how we will match up considering our lack of lefty pitchers. Sometimes, the numbers kill me. Stats are an important part of the game. And on paper, this looks like it may be a tough series for us. The stats don't cover heart and chemistry though. If we can pick up where we left off last week, I think we are unstoppable.


I can't begin to express what it felt like to watch the Dodgers sweep the Cubs. All the media experts picked the Cubs in that series. That's okay. Keep underestimating us. We don't mind. It only makes for a better story in the end.


I leave you now with this YouTube video.


This has made me laugh out loud numerous times. If we win the World Series,  I hope Joe Biemel, Manny, Russell, and Furcal remake this.


And here are some photos of the game last Saturday:








And Baseball,


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